Brainy Steps

A unique “Brainy Steps” program that allows for a peaceful transition from a home into the school environment.


What is Brainy Academy?

Brainy Academy is a high quality learning center for children ages 2 and 3.

What does Brainy Academy do?

In short – we prepare your child for school.We specialize in helping children who have never before attended daycare or a pre-school transition from home to school. We help your child feel comfortable in a group environment, help increase their attention span, learn self-control and learn to interact with other children in a positive manner. Our unique 7 step approach “Brainy Steps” will help your child get acquainted with group environment and prepare them for school. After 6 months your child can continue to attend classes for as long as you wish, all the way to public school’s program.

Who are our current students?

Children who have never attended a group care environment and need to prepare for it. Children who have never separated from a parent or a primary caretaker. Children who stay home with their primary caretaker and crave academic and social enrichment. Children who’s parents place an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development.

What makes Brainy Academy different?

We are the only school that specializes in helping your child transition from a home environment to a group environment. This process can be traumatic for many children and their parents. We believe the old way of “crying it out” or staying with your child in the classroom for months is too limited and wrong for many families. We know that many little ones have short attention spans and we have developed a system that helps them learn impulse control and following directions (these are the things that will help them succeed in school). With our unique 7 part Brainy Steps program we eliminate the stress of the transition on children and families. After your child has become comfortable in a classroom they will be attending our high quality Montessori based classes where we focus solely on your child’s academic and personal development.

What doesn’t Brainy Academy do?

We don’t offer full time programs. We don’t allow your child to “cry it out” in our classrooms. In fact, our process completely eliminates crying and stress from our classrooms. We don’t require or expect a parent to stay in the class for months (that’s our job). We don’t do potty training, sleep schedule, food preparation or outside time. We only have one job: to ensure your child transitions into a classroom in a quick and easy way and once there that they are getting the best academics and social development possible. We are different because we do this one thing really, really well.

I was thinking of putting my child in daycare… should I sign up for Brainy Academy instead?

This is a decision only you can make. If you’d like an easy transition for your and your child then Brainy Academy may be the right choice for you. If you’d like to work on your child’s attention span, ability to follow instructions and self-control before enrolling them in a full time program then Brainy Academy may be for you. We know how stressful it is for a child to go from a being in a home with one caregiver to being in a classroom with a large number of other children for 8 to 10 hours a day. Our system allows your child to transition at their own pace and allows you to decide if and when your child is ready for full time childcare option. Brainy Academy is also more affordable than full time programs (and many part time programs as well). So you don’t need to pay a premium for the time your child spends learning how to separate from you.

What do the children do in your classes?

At Brainy Academy we use a custom curriculum developed using Maria Montessori’s revolutionary Montessori system. We use objects to teach children mathematics, language, problem solving skills, patterning, sequencing and other critical thinking skills. Children learn by doing, not just by observation.

What are my options?

We offer a flexible 2- day/ wk or 3-day/wk options. Our program is designed for 6 months to 2 years, and you can chose how long your child will attend it. We offer flexibility and allow you to continue enrollment on as needed basis which is perfect if you’ve been wait listed at a large preschool or daycare.

What is the schedule?

Class Days of Attendance Time
 2’s n/a  n/a
 2 days per week  Tuesday/Thursday  10:30am – 12:30am
 3 days per week  Monday/Wednesday/Friday   10:30am – 12:30am
 3’s  n/a  n/a
 2 days per week  Tuesday/Thursday  9:30am – 12:30pm
 3 days per week  Monday/Wednesday/Thursday   9:30am – 12:30pm

What do I need for my preliminary appointment?

For your preliminary appointment please come in at a time when the child is well rested. Please come in 10 minute prior to your appointment to tour our facility and fill out paperwork. Please bring slippers or socks for you and your child as we don’t allow outside shoes in our classrooms for hygiene purposes. Please bring a book to read in the classroom as your will most likely not be interacting with your child during the preliminary appointment but will likely need to be present. This sounds great.

When can I enroll?

We have rolling enrollment so you can chose when its right to start with your child. For most children we recommend enrolling some time around the time they turn 2. Most children are completely ready for the program at 2 years and a few months, although many are ready earlier. Every child is an individual and our experienced teachers and director will help guide you during your preliminary appointment.

Can my child skip over some of the steps?

Absolutely. If your child is ready to go into the classroom right away, with or without their private teacher they are welcome to do so. We can determine at your preliminary appointment if your child can go into class without needing the other steps. Do please note that proceeding to the next step is AWAYS at the discretion of your private and classroom teachers.

Can you describe Brainy Steps program?

Each of these steps take anywhere from 0 to 3 private lessons for an average student.

  • Step 1: The parent and the child come in together to explore Brainy Academy and what it has to offer them. A teacher is available to meet with the child for 20 to 30 minutes and evaluate if the student is ready to start the program. This preliminary appointment is free. If the teacher determines the child is not ready we will make another appointment for you within a month or two at your convenience
  • Step 2: During the first few sessions student works individually in a classroom with one of our teachers while the parent is also present in the classroom. The parent is present for reassurance only and does not interact with the student
  • Step 3: Parent sits right outside the classroom while the classroom door is open while child works with the teacher one on one
  • Step 4: Child is asked to close the classroom door (with the parent right outside of it). Child and teacher than proceed to work in the classroom alone
  • Step 5: Teacher asks the child to accompany her into the classroom with the other children. Student accompanies the teacher and stays inside the classroom with the other children for a full hour (duration of the private session). During this time the teacher only works with her student
  • Step 6: Teacher stays with the student for half a session and asks the student if she can leave the classroom while the student stays by herself. Student stays alone in the classroom with the other teachers and the other students for the duration of the session. The teacher stays outside the classroom for reassurance and will step back into the classroom if needed
  • Step 7: Student willingly goes into the group classroom without her private teacher and stays for the duration of the class. Many children complete steps 1 through 6 within 4 to 8 weeks.
    For children, as well as for adults progress can sometimes be “2 steps forward 1 step back.” Rest assured that if your child needs to go a step back we will accommodate them. Your cost remains the same no matter which step your child is currently working on. * All caregivers are expected to remain on premises at all times